Create Stunning Internet Images – No Photoshop Required!

The age of social media and digital marketing demands professional, stunning graphic design. As a business owner, your graphics are an important part of your brand identity!

But if you are a solopreneur or have a small team, you might not have the resources to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for branded graphics. But you’re also not a graphic designer! Creating your own might feel daunting.

What if I told you that you CAN create beautiful graphics for your business – WITHOUT complicated Photoshop tutorials that suck hours of your precious time.

Hi, my name is Kayla.

I’m a stay-at-home mom running a small business from home. I don’t always have the budget to hire a designer every time I need a graphic. Between logos, social media posts, Ebook covers, sales pages, pdf freebies – the sheer number of images required to market your business can seem a little overwhelming.

My goal is to empower you to create stunning images that represent your brand without pulling your hair out. You might even discover you LOVE this part of running your business.

 In this course, I will come alongside you and break down the basics of graphic design, walk you through how to use helpful tools like Canva and PicMonkey and provide feedback and suggestions as you create.

Whether you are a brand new business owner starting from scratch or want to refresh an existing brand image, this course has you covered.

These tools work for all types of people, creative and analytical, because with this training, you’ll learn how to make anything you need by following clear, analytical steps. If you’re already a creative crafty person, you’ll learn how to quickly add your own flair to graphics online!

Professional graphic designers can charge thousands of dollars for their services. For a limited time, you can grab your spot in my Graphics Made Simple mentorship for only $197!

Here’s a quick rundown of the modules we will go through together:

Online Editors Side-by-Side Comparison

We’ll cover all the pros and cons of the major online editing tools to help you quickly know which editor is best for you graphic needs.

Quick Social Media Images

Create images to build your social media presence QUICKLY – no more spending all day creating!

Color Palette and Fonts

Let’s SETTLE on a color palette for your business AND expand your fonts for FREE. 

Creating a "Swipe File"

Creating a “swipe file” of images you love is the best way to get a foundation for your own brand.  Get this video INSTATLY when you get on the waiting list. 

Create Your Own Logo In Two Hours Or Less

You read that right.  You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars, and you don’t need to spend the rest of this year.  I’ll show you how to get it done and LOVE you logo.

Social Media Cover Images that Get Attention

Your cover images let everyone know what you do. They’re important.  I’ll show you how to create something that truly reflects you AND is clear to your potential clients. 

Website Header or Initial Images 101

Just like social media cover images, your website images need to speak.  Let’s give your website an update that will get more of the right clients in your business. 

Create Stunning PDF InfoGraphics

Do you teach classes?  Offer downloadable freebies and products?  This print class is for you!  

Make an eBook & eBook Cover

eBooks are the way of the online world.  Whether you’re creating something to sell or something to give away, I will help you make it beautiful and simple.

Creating 3D Product Images

You know those images of books and programs, and downloadable products?  We will make them –with YOUR products!

Templates, Products for Print & More!

The list goes on and is customizeable to each class!

What Graduates Are Saying…

“Kayla your graphics trainings have totally revolutionized my business!! I have used them for my blog, FB page, blog titles, eBooks, everything! I am so thankful that you shared your knowledge and skill! I find these graphics programs to be so easy now- but I never would have before. You’ve made it so simple, and I am NOT graphically inclined whatsoever! Thank you thank you!!”


“I am literally sitting over here in tears. I have been sitting on recipes for YEARS, recipes that people have been begging me to put out, because I can’t take a good enough photo to save my life and hiring someone to do it while making all of that food all at one time is just far too overwhelming in both time and money for me….. This training has helped to release a lot of angst, and frustration, and overwhelm. So for Kayla, THANK YOU, hugely and truly, for doing this training! I for one desperately needed it!”


“Kayla, I have watched the first 4 videos today, and they are great! Very helpful! In fact, I got antsy  and started messing around with a new graphic, and it came out soooo much better than my previous ones, thanks to your tutelage. My 10-yo daughter came in when I was working on it and enjoyed helping me out as well. I could show you a previous image, but that would be downright embarrassing. Lol”


WARNING: Space is Limited

We only accept a few people per month into this one-on-one program!